Why Self-Care is So Important

I’ve never taken great care of myself. I don’t primp. I don’t run. I HATE getting my face wet to the point that I keep a dry towel in my shower for stray droplets–which means washing my face is not a chore I am fond of.

I recently discovered LUSH, and it has been the best thing ever for my daily routines. I found a soap that I like to use on my face. Hair bars that cure my itchy scalp. And I even like taking baths now!

But self-care goes way beyond fancy soap. Daily routines are so important to those of us with sick brains, because there are so many days when it is hard enough just to get out of bed. Those routines at least give us something we must do. Or at least try, anyway.

I love this article at Lifehacker by Kristin Wong. She gives a bunch of ideas for ways to care for yourself when you are fighting the monster, and reasons for doing it. To Kristin, Self-Care shouldn’t be a reward, it should be a daily thing that we do every day.

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    1. I just realized your comments are STILL going to spam. I wonder how many of them I’ve missed. UGH! Need to check that more often. I will definitely pick some of these up–The hotel we are staying in provides similar wipes to these and I’m loving them right now.

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