Risuko: A Kunoichi Tale

My name is Kano Murasaki, but most people call me Risuko. Squirrel.

I am from Serenity Province, though I was not born there.

My nation has been at war for a hundred years, Serenity is under attack, my family is in disgrace, but some people think that I can bring victory. That I can be a very special kind of woman.

All I want to do is climb.

My name is Kano Murasaki, but everyone calls me Squirrel.

Prepare your TBRs, friends. You are going to want to add Risuko to the very top!

Set in the time of the Samurai, this mysterious historical fiction novel draws you into a secret world of Japanese women. Sheltered away from the rest of society, they manage a shrine…or do they? Kano Murasaki thinks there is something not quite right about these shrine caretakers.

I immediately got sucked into this one. I couldn’t put it down. At some point, or another, you kind of side-eye every person in the shrine, to figure out who is causing trouble. And the description of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cultures are fascinating. Of course I liked the cooking parts the best! But it also reminded me of my Japanese language classes in school–it makes me sad to have lost so much.

I give this book an A++ for sure. The story is beautiful, the characters are incredibly badass and mysterious. There is some violence with swords and poison, but I would give this to my middle-grade aged niece. She’d love the kick-ass females. I’m hoping this gets turned into a series–the way it is labeled on Goodreads, looks like it’s going to be!!


NetGalley provided this ARC for an unbiased review. I also received a $10 Amazon gift card for filling out a survey about the book after the fact. Releases June 15.



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