the princess saves herself in this one

when i had
no friends
i reached inside
my beloved
& sculpted some
out of
12 pt
times new roman.

— & it was almost good enough

Since joining Booklr, I have made many friends in the community. Many are aspiring writers, working on projects big and small, and in various stages of the process–creation, editing, publishing, etc. When we do see one of our own succeed, it pretty much looks like this:


Therefore, it’s no surprise that when one of the biggest Booklr’s of all, Amanda Lovelace, or LadyBookmad as most of us know her, we all fangirled the fuck out. HOLY SHIT SHE WROTE A BOOK! I MUST HAVE IT! It was the equivalent of Beyonce dropping Lemonade without warning.

…if Beyonce was part mermaid part Khaleesi part coffee addict…

My copy arrived today, and while normally I read poetry books one poem or page at a time, you absolutely cannot do that with the princess saves herself in this one. Don’t even try it. It is meant to be devoured–and really, it cannot be helped. Each poem leads into the next like a story that you just cannot keep up with because you are sobbing too hard.

Bring a paper bag. You might hyperventilate. No, I’m not exaggerating. It really IS that extreme.

Manda, you have reached inside my soul and tore it out. Every single page has gutted me. I feel like you are inside my head and and pulled out all the thoughts I’ve had for so long.

I didn’t expect to read this in an hour. I meant to spend so much more time on it. But once I started I just couldn’t contain myself and it was over before I even knew I had started. But that’s ok. Really. I’m ok. I promise. I’m just going to have to read it every single day from here on out.

If anyone asks me what to read in the next century, I will throw this at them.

Consider yourself warned.




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