A few years ago, a public/private partnership between the British Government and a multinational company saw five clever people placed in university-owned offices and allowed to do whatever they liked. It was called the Cultural Cross-Contamination Unit, and the idea was that it would hothouse new thinking and new patents. Five actual geniuses, all probably crazy, very eccentric, put in one place and given carte blanche to think about ways to approach and change the future. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

They did A Crazy Thing, which was referred to as The Injection. A mysterious Thing that they did in order to make the 21st Century better and stranger. It got out. It got loose into the fabric of the 21st Century, whatever it was, and now things are getting weird and ugly, faster and faster.

So a few years have passed. They’ve all gone their separate ways, into separate “jobs” that allow them to follow and sometimes deal with the repercussions of The Injection. We are in the period where the toxic load of The Injection is at such a level that events that are essentially paranormal in nature are coming faster and faster, headed towards a point where humanity won’t easily be able to live on the planet any more. Not a Singularity of glory, but an irretrievable constant blare of horror coming too thick and fast for anything to deal with.

It’s been awhile since I have read any comics, and I still have a few left from that Humble Bundle. I figured it was time to work through them. I’ve been flying through books lately, so it was nice to take a short break and check out some awesome art.

And the art IS awesome in InjectionDark cool colors mix with flashes of yellow and red lights, heavy ink and light ink alternate to depict real time versus flashback.

I wasn’t sure about the story at first–you know how I feel about sci-fi. I’m always slow to pick up on it. But I couldn’t pull myself away, and as the plot began to lay down, I was drawn more and more into it. So much that I am adding Injection to my list of books to keep up with…if I ever keep up with comics. (I still need to finish W+D.) It’s a mix of sci-fi and old British folklore. Like if Peter Cline and Neil Gaiman had a baby. Oh man. Wouldn’t that be something?



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