Little Bee

From the author of the international bestseller Incendiary comes a haunting novel about the tenuous friendship that blooms between two disparate strangers—one an illegal Nigerian refugee, the other a recent widow from suburban London.

I will admit that I was more than a little skeptical to read this. A white man writing in a black woman’s voice? Hmmmm….

But, I was pleasantly surprised. Is it perfect? No, I’m sure it is not. But Little Bee is certainly a well-written, beautiful story from two perspectives, and both are equally as interesting. That isn’t an easy thing to do. This isn’t a fun book. Be prepared for tears and a heavy, heavy weight as you look at our world’s refugee crisis from the inside.

Little Bee certainly makes a worthy addition to my shelf. And I won’t be so hesitant to read Cleave in the future. He has no trouble putting himself in other people’s shoes. Bravo.



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