The Pilgrim’s Progress

Often rated as important as the Bible as a Christian document, this famous story of man’s progress through life in search of salvation remains one of the most entertaining allegories of faith ever written. Set against realistic backdrops of town and country, the powerful drama of the pilgrim’s trials and temptations follows him in his harrowing journey to the Celestial City.
Along a road filled with monsters and spiritual terrors, Christian confronts such emblematic characters as Worldly Wiseman, Giant Despair, Talkative, Ignorance, and the demons of the Valley of the Shadow of Death. But he is also joined by Hopeful and Faithful.
An enormously influential 17th-century classic, universally known for its simplicity, vigor, and beauty of language, The Pilgrim’s Progress remains one of the most widely read books in the English language.


I really should have titled this review:  ODE TO THE BOOK SLUMP. Not doing so hot on these reviews lately, ya’ll. In fact, if I’m being honest, the ONLY reason I’m posting this at all, is so I actually have a review today.

I did not finish this book. I didn’t even make it halfway–which is my general rule of thumb on reviews. Otherwise I just rate it 1 star on Goodreads and move on. But I am STRUGGLING lately. And, since this is a Boxall book, I’ll go ahead and let you know what I think. It’s ok…ya’ll can skip this one. I won’t be offended.

You see that summary up there in Italics? The one that is all “The Pilgrim’s Progress is as important as the Bible” and “It’s enormously influential.” I’m pretty sure they’ve been using that same exact description since it was published in the 17th century. The grammar is almost unreadable, unless you are a scholar in such things–or maybe a Puritan Yoda. Remember that the next time you give a Millennial a hard time about how they text–language CHANGES. And this version from John Bunyan? Mostly unrecognizable now. I’ve agonized over it all day and I’ve maybe read 75 pages?

From what I have read, it seems to be a judgmental Dante’s Inferno type of progress, where instead of hell, the pilgrim tries to escape damnation. He’s pretty much an asshole to every single person he meets, fueled by some evangelical figure telling him that everything he does is wrong. His trip to heaven is based on his succeeding on this journey through…faith…I suppose? My skepticism runs high.

I tried, but days are just too short to waste them on 75 pages of Puritan Yoda. Maybe they should put that on the next cover release.


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