#FridayReads: Young Terrorists FCBD 2016

I participated in my very first Free Comic Book Day this year, since we did a Paws in the City event at a Dallas Comic Book store. I picked up some great titles, but still haven’t had a chance to read them. I’m going to be parsing them out in the coming weeks. The reviews will be short, but I figured I’d at least do a write up on them in case you want to check out the full versions.

Young Terrorists probably had the coolest cover of all the books I picked up on FCBD. Two obviously badass chicks grimacing and preparing for a fight–not much color besides olive green and black, with a splash of light blue and fire red. There was no mistaking the audience, and it was me.

You only get two brief pieces of A and B stories here, not full plots, so it’s a little hard to really know what is happening. It’s definitely meant to grab your attention with the art and say HEY LOOK AT ME YOU KNOW YOU WANT MORE OF THIS. The A section, yes, I definitely did, but the B one…not so much. A had much more to it–people doing what people do. B was just a whole lot of blood and gore, and that’s just not my thing. The color palatte was a lot more varied in A too, much more appealing to me.

I’m interested in searching out “We Can Never Go Home” — Section A…I probably won’t look for “Young Terrorists” at all. A solid pick though/



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