Week of Booklr: 2016 Wrap Up

Taylor is hosting an End of 2016 Week of Booklr, so I’ll be posting some fun “extra” blogs this week in addition to the two reviews I have scheduled!

I was going to wait until the very last day of the year to do this 2016 wrap up, so there will be more books added on to the Goodreads numbers and such, but it’s been a good year overall. I never would have predicted how 2016 could have gone. Really my only goals were to read more books on the Boxall list (I had read up to 100 at the beginning of the year, I’ve finished 18 more now. But more on that later this week), and to read 215 books on Goodreads.

I accomplished both of those goals with no problems, but what I did not expect was that my goals would change SO MUCH over the year. I no longer was paying attention to the number of books but WHAT I was reading. I started paying attention to the diversity of the characters in the books, and then the diversity of the authors. I’m also reading a lot more nonfiction too, I think in an effort to understand both my mental illnesses and the constantly changing world around me. I’ve taken on a brand new community and I’ve learned so much so quickly from my online neighbors.

2017 promises to be a completely new experience for my reading career. I’m both excited and nervous to get started. How different will the beginning be from the end?

For now, here is how the end of the year shook out, as of today:

Number Of Books You Read: 226
Number Of Pages Read: 74,068
Average Length: 335 pages
Average Goodreads Rating: 3.1

How was your 2016?


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