Week of Booklr 2017 Goals

I have made a decision.

It hasn’t been an easy decision to make. In fact it makes me feel a little sick inside to do it.

I’ve been working through the Boxall’s List of 1001 Books to Read Before You Die for a long time now. I’m 118 books into it. And I feel like I’ve benefited from reading those books. Some of them. Others have been boring or over my head or just horrible.

There’s still a lot of books on that list I want to read–the list is a fantastic starting point for classic literature. But I no longer think it’s the end-all-be-all list. There are so many repeated authors, and the list isn’t very diverse. And 1001 books a LOT of books. When my TBR currently sits at 3652…removing most of those 1001 books will allow me to focus on others that I would prefer to read. Not that I will EVER get through all 3652 books on that list–and it is ever growing.

But at least I can get rid of some of the authors that I don’t agree with that I have hung on to ONLY because they were on the Boxall list and my OCD told me I HAD to read them. Because if they are on a list I have to, right? NO. I DON’T. I CAN SAY NO. I have that power. So I am removing the Boxall challenge from this blog. I’m removing the Boxall challenge from my Goodreads and my TBR spreadsheet. And I’m purging any of those books and authors that I don’t feel meet my reading standards (which means going through every tiny little strip of paper in my TBR jar/bag and saying yay or nay).

I’m going to be reading as many diverse authors as I can moving forward. I still have a lot of classic literature I want to read–but I need to shake things up.

Here’s to reverse resolutions, and to new ones too.


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