Jennae Cecelia: Bright Minds Empty Souls

Bright Minds Empty Souls is for the hopeless romantics and those who need a friend to comfort their late night thoughts. It’s a book made with love about falling in and out of love with yourself, and others. Enjoy over 60 poems from Jennae’s second edition of, Bright Minds Empty Souls.

Seeing the surge in self-pubbed lady authored poetry has been wonderful. There have always been poets who are women, but lately there seem to be more and more small collections rising to the surface like the richest cream. (How cheesy is that metaphor?)

This is good for two reasons:  Lady poets are getting recognition, which is amazing in itself; but also, they are getting people excited about poetry–people like me who were formerly not excited about poetry at ALL. We are seeking it out now, wishing for it, BEGGING for it. How cool is that?

One of these poetesses is Jennae Cecelia, and I just read her first collection, Bright Minds Empty Souls. Prepare to have your heart broken, folks. Prepare to sob. I read this collection slowly, only a few a day–but I could have easily devoured this in an hour or two. In fact, I wanted to. Only incredible self control kept me from doing so. I deciced, instead, to space it out and take my time.

I found so much of my old self Jennae’s pages. Bright Minds Empty Souls is a lesson in falling in love and having that love, in turn, fall away. It’s about how people change and become unrecognizable–both the people we love and ourselves. I wanted to rescue the girl in these poems, reach out and tell her that it will be ok, things get better in time. This collection was all about me seven years ago, but it is not about me now.

I have her next set, Uncaged Wallflower, on my Kindle and I think I’m going to jump right into that next. I’ll be interested to see if it has connection to this at all, if the girl in Jennae’s poems has grown from this experience at all.

I received a copy of this collection from the author for an unbiased review. This post does contain affiliate links.


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