Shelley Noble: Stargazey Point

Shelley Noble’s Stargazey Point is a beautiful story of love, heartbreak, friendship, and new beginnings.

Devastated by tragedy during her last project, documentarian Abbie Sinclair seeks refuge with three octogenarian siblings, who live in a looming plantation house at the edge of the world.

South Carolina’s Stargazey Point used to be a popular family beach resort, but the beaches have eroded, most of the businesses have closed, and the crowds have gone. It’s the perfect place to hide from the rest of world.

But hiding is harder than she thought it would be. There’s a wise Gullah woman who seems to see into Abbie’s soul, and an intriguing man on a quest to bring Stargazey Point back to life.

Stargazey Point by Shelley Nobel is the perfect beach read any time of year.

I’m still trying to catch my brain up to all the chaos of a new house, so a beachy romance was just what I needed. Stargazey Point is a sweet summer story set just outside of Myrtle Beach and centers around a hurricane-busted town and its carousel.

This story moves as slow as a hot, sticky South Carolina afternoon, but as refreshing as that glass of sweet tea and wicker rocker. There’s no rushing into this romance. Abbie has a heartbreaking background–and it adds to the depth of the story.

It’s the south, so there’s definitely racism–but it’s repeatedly challenged. POC are more than just background dressing, as they usually are in this sort of book, but are active members of the narrative.

I always like it when a book like this surprises me. I tend to write them off as “empty calories,” guilty pleasures that don’t carry much substance, but Stargazey Point actually gave me some feels. Make sure you put this on your pool bag list!

I won a copy of this book in a Goodreads Giveaway from William Morrow/HarperCollins. This post contains affiliate links.



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