The Selection Series: The Heir

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Princess Eadlyn has grown up hearing endless stories about how her mother and father met. Twenty years ago, America Singer entered the Selection and won the heart of Prince Maxon—and they lived happily ever after. Eadlyn has always found their fairy-tale story romantic, but she has no interest in trying to repeat it. If it were up to her, she’d put off marriage for as long as possible.

But a princess’s life is never entirely her own, and Eadlyn can’t escape her very own Selection—no matter how fervently she protests.

Eadlyn doesn’t expect her story to end in romance. But as the competition begins, one entry may just capture Eadlyn’s heart, showing her all the possibilities that lie in front of her . . . and proving that finding her own happily ever after isn’t as impossible as she’s always thought.

I can totally see why people are not fans of this continuation. Remember how I said I was reading the rest because I wanted to find out what happened with the rebellion and the rest of the characters etc etc etc?

Ummmm I didn’t quite mean flash forward 20 years!!!!!! I actually wanted to SEE THOSE THINGS OCCUR.

I feel like I missed an entire lifetime. I almost just put a blurb at the bottom of my last review, I was so disappointed when I realized what The Heir was. But, June (when I’m reading these) is a month of stress and change and a brain full of anxiety, so this series is the only thing I’ve been able to read. Nothing else will stick for more than a chapter or two. So, I’ve continued with Kiera Cass.

Once I got going a little bit, I didn’t totally hate The Heir, but it definitely wasn’t as good as the first three. I’ll finish the series with Book Five, since I am still in need of some easy reading, but I’m so sad it is so disappointing. Sometimes, even if a series gets such rave reviews, you just need to know when to end it. And for The Selection Series…that end should have been at three.


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