New Category: Read When Safe

Quick announcement/explanation of something you’re going to be seeing from now on.

Sometimes I read books that are pretty messed up. Because I have a mental illness myself, I have always liked reading about other people with mental illnesses, or people who have gone through traumas. Maybe ‘like’ isn’t the right word, that makes it sound like I enjoy their pain. But I am always looking for stories I think need to be told, and shared with people who need to see themselves in books, or by people who have no idea what a mental illness feels like and need to see it from the inside. Reading helps with my own learning and understanding about other people, and I want to encourage that by sharing those books on the blog.

HOWEVER. Many of those books are extremely triggering. Even reading a review about those books can be hard for some people, and after reading one such book, I have decided to make a special notification when I post such a review.

I will now have a special category called READ WHEN SAFE. I encourage you to visit that category when you are safe in body, mind, and spirit–there will be some really incredible stories in there. But take care of yourself first.

I will also be putting READ WHEN SAFE at the top of those blog posts, so you don’t have to read them at all. That warning will be the first thing you see, before the summary, no need to click any further.

I’m not going to put this on everything, but the really hard hitting books, ie memoirs about sexual abuse or self harm, will get this warning. I will use my discretion. I’ll also continue putting trigger warnings on other books I feel merit it–they may just not get a READ WHEN SAFE designation.

If you have questions, concerns, feedback, please let me know.

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