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Pitched Scripts and Boning Knights

Posted by Lizzie • 12 hours ago

Bodice. Babes.

I simply HAVE to tell you about this ABSOtootly AWESOME new book that is all about our very favorite thing. The topic? MOVIES.

Now, ya’ll might be thinking I’d rather be watching the big screen than reading about it, but this girl can’t be sitting in a dark theater ALL the time! Pitched just has the prettiest pink cover, and it’s all about movies. What’s not to love!

Ladies, it set my chest heaving with LAUGHTER! I simply could not stop giggling at the ironic satire written into these pages. At first, I was a teensey bit confused, because instead of normal chapters, there are comics and text messages, and even blog posts like this one! I I’m here to give you all the deets, so spoilers A. BOUND! Don’t come pouting to me later. 😉

Ok, so we’re all totally in for female empowerment, right? Almost Ev.Er.Y. word screams irony, but it all points back to feminism and I. LOVE. THAT! A book that can draw you in with deep powerful emotional hooks while doing hilarious comedic satire?! Be. Still. My. Heart! Angie Lee tries to find love online and fails catastrophically. “Knights are for Boning” is a truish story set in old timey France. Baby goes into battle and saves the day. He’s so little and tiny and cute! He looks like my nephew when he was just learning to crawl. So adorbs!

For real though, ladies, Pitched is such a life-changing book, and a great reminder that us girls can do anything, and we don’t have to listen to the big wigs in charge. That’s why I’m so blessed to have read it as soon as it came out.

I’m giving this one 5/5 champagne flutes!

By the way, who’s Hubbo with the Tubbo of Popcorno is trying to get them to see “Tax Day” this weekend? Make sure you take a SPILL PROOF mug with your FAVE caffeinated bev!

Smooches, Bodice Babes! Keep ‘Em Heaving!


Thanks to super awesome authors Bri Rudd, Ginger Dee, & Chris Ludden for sending me this book for review. I have to admit here this isn’t completely unbiased because we are friends, but I did fall completely in love with Pitched–enough to write a mock blog post from the book. Seriously guys, go buy this. You will not regret it.





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