ILR’s Mission and Rating System

When I started I Lay Reading, the mission was simple:  Read books, Review Books, LOVE BOOKS. It’s no secret around here that I am pretty obsessed, and I read fast, right? I just wanted to share that passion with everyone else. And at its core, that will always be what ILR is–a book blog.

But so many things have changed since we first got together. Not only has my life changed dramatically, but so has the world. In the past 3 years, I have gone through the ups and downs of severe mental illness. I had a major depressive episode, and since then have been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and OCD. Through this I’ve gotten to know myself pretty intimately (it isn’t always pretty), and I’ve found a super supportive online community. We are surviving.

The outside world is even more mixed up than it is inside my head. Every day I hear about another POC that has died senselessly. There’s another law that makes it impossible for a Queer person to live in harmony as themselves in society. Women’s rights are being chipped away–I’d say slowly, but no, not anymore. We elected a presidential team that is racist, bigoted, and tratorious. People in this country are scared, not only for their political attributions, as they normally would after an election, but for their very lives.

This is my About Page–and if you are still here, then welcome. I am white. I am CIS. I have a HELL of a lot of privilege and it is my duty to use it. My goal is to read more diverse books than not, and raise up Own Voices authors.

I know I will always have a lot to learn, but my mind and heart are open. If I screw up, please let me know. I never expect to be educated by those who have been marginalized, but I never want or intend to hurt anyone and I always appreciate feedback.

Regarding my reviews:  I am a very honest blogger. I take heavy notes when reading, and what I think about a book is what you get. All books are weighted equally, but diversity is going to be a BIG factor moving forward. Also, just because I am given a book to review, that does not mean my review is biased. If I like a book, I like it; if I don’t, I’m not afraid to tell a publisher I don’t like an ARC. I feel that consistent honesty means credibility. Those two things are very important to me, both in blogging and life.

My rating system is below. This is official as of January 2017, but most of my posts in the past follow this somewhat, though maybe not as rigidly as I will be doing so now.

You can find me on all the social media sites, I’ve listed my links at the bottom of this page. I can also be reached by email at


  Did Not Finish

 Did not like, but finished.

 Liked, Not loved. (The books that most often get this rating are classics or literature–things that are harder to rate solely based on like or dislike.)

 Loved it, but not Must Read (maybe lacking diversity, or there was a triggering element)

 MUST READ. These you will find listed on my Must Reads page too!



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