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The Dressmaker

  Ok…I guess it’s only been 18…EIGHTEEN?!…since Titanic came out. Good God I’m old. I saw a post the other day from a teenager making fun of people like “Why do people think Titanic is such a good movie? Did people really cry over this and watch it hundreds of times? It’s not that good!” YOU SHUT

Twain’s End

In school, teachers always use Mark Twain as the example when they talk about pseudonyms and pen names. As a kid, I remember being mystified that Samuel Clemens was the real person, not this “Mark Twain” figure. Why would anyone make up a new name just to write a book? Seemed so silly at the

The Inferno/Hell

I’m going to be straight with you. This book gave me the heeby jeebies. *shudder* I think Henri Barbussee has an extremely well thought out, controversial work of fiction that covers a lot of bases. It even includes LOTS of sex, as well as pretty heavy religion and death topics. I can completely understand why it


“Typhoid Mary” is one of those vague phrases that we hear from time to time but never really connect them with a real history or person. I’ve heard it as the name of a drink, or maybe a carnival ride, probably lots of other random things. And of course I knew there was a disease

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