Tag: colonialism

The Golden Chersonese

This is the last “old” book on my Coursera list. I do have one or two more recent ones left, but those are much more fun to read and review. I almost gave this one up–it is written from a very colonial perspective, and at first it came across with a very icky feel to

Rebel Queen

I read Michelle Moran’s Nefertiti a few months ago, and was completely drawn into her historical fiction, so when NetGalley offered me the ARC of her new book Rebel Queen my reaction was a resounding YES PLEASE!!!!!! There is “historical fiction” that is loosely based on a time period or event, but I never really take it

King Leopold’s Ghost

I feel a bit like I am waking up, being born. I understand, now, those grumpy Victorian men in movies who think women should not be allowed to be educated–“It isn’t right! They’ll get ideas!” Yes…I am getting ideas. I am learning. The world is getting smaller. The more I know, the more I want

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