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Catherine de Medici

Professor, her kind of woman doesn’t belong on any committee. Of course, I shouldn’t tell you this but she advocates dirty books. Dirty books!? Chaucer! Rebelais! BAAAAAALZAC! That’s right, my dear readers. The Music Man was my very first exposure to Balzac, many many years ago. If I have to guess, I’d say I was in

The Inferno/Hell

I’m going to be straight with you. This book gave me the heeby jeebies. *shudder* I think Henri Barbussee has an extremely well thought out, controversial work of fiction that covers a lot of bases. It even includes LOTS of sex, as well as pretty heavy religion and death topics. I can completely understand why it

Fanchon the Cricket

It’s been a long road, but I have finally, FINALLY, found a French author I love. I thought it would never happen, but George Sand is quite lovely. Fanchon the Cricket, or La Petite Fadette, is a beautiful book, almost an adult fairy tale. Twins are born to a prosperous farmer with an already large family.

French History

Whether it is just the chunk of the Boxall list I am working through at the moment, or the random books I am choosing from my Goodreads list–for some reason I seem to be reading a lot of French literature lately. Or trying to. I am getting really frustrated, because I am not enjoying the

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