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WWW Wednesday 1/27/2016

  Hey ya’ll! Did you know I am now on Snapchat? You can find me at Username:  hmills96. Come follow me for weird book thoughts, random cooking escapades, and of course all my nerdy fandom obsessions!   What are you currently reading? Winter by Marissa Meyer The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer ReadWomen:  I


I knew it had to happen sooner or later, though I had hoped it never would. Jane Austen has finally failed me. This is not my first time reading Persuasion, although it is the first I’ve made it the whole way through. Of the four JA novels I’ve read so far…this is by far the worst.

Agnes Grey

Most book lovers have heard of the Bronte sisters. And it’s pretty hard to be a romance loving biblophile without reading at least Jane Eyre OR Wuthering Heights…if not both. Charlotte and Emily are famous names in reading culture. Their tropes are everywhere, from the dark and brooding Heathcliffe-like teen boys in YA EVERYTHING, to the plain

Mansfield Park

When I added Mansfield Park to my TBR list, I was excited because I was finally going to get to read a third Jane Austen novel. I’ve read Pride & Prejudice a million times, and Emma twice now, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far. Or so I thought. Apparently, I’ve picked this book up before, and


It is no secret that Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books. However, I am sadly lacking in most of Austen’s other books. Some I’ve started and haven’t finished, and some I just haven’t got to yet. I have a matched pair of P&P and Emma, but this is only my second read through of

Comfy Read

If I were more photogenic, you’d get a super cute picture of me, curled up in a blanket in my favorite reading spot, with a topknot and a cup of coffee. Some kind of pinterest/tumblr/instagram type shit. Instead, you get a picture of Pride and Prejudice hanging out in said reading spot. Sorry guys. I’m lame

Favorite Author

What is my favorite author? Is that a trick question? I don’t have one. Yes, I’m serious. Source:  The Relentless Reader I don’t have one. I have several. Austen, Hemingway, Wolfe. Michael Cunningham. Regina McBride. Ann Patchett. Wilde has now been added to the list. Countless authors who I’ve only read one of their books

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