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WWW Wednesday 6/8/2016

We are still waiting on the moving truck–and just found out it won’t be here for another week. So I’m reading what I have on Kindle and Google Play, plus a few I won from Berkley Publishing. Hopefully I’ll have my books soon!!! What are you currently reading? Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy For

Last Call Lounge

One of the great things about having a Kindle is the plethora of free books available. Not only can I easily download them from the library, but Amazon has a host of classics available for download, and occasionally authors will host a freebie day (or discount day) to promote one of their books. For someone

Someone Like You

Boy oh boy! We’ve had an emotional week, haven’t we? I’ll tell you what–after the first three books, I was definitely ready for some brain candy! Thankfully, I have a free month of Kindle Unlimited going at the moment, so I’m catching up on a few romances that have been on my list for awhile.

Brilliant Story

There was this guy. Every day Clarence Smetters rides the bus for two hours, and on the way, he writes. He’s never had experience in fiction before but he just KNOWS that this is the ONE BIG STORY that everyone is going to lose their shit over. And then some asshole snatches his netbook when

Ethan Frome

Sometimes a story that seems so simple at first can turn out to be surprisingly deep or twisted at the end.Those kinds of stories are always the most fun to pick apart. I started Ethan Frome when we were in Austin, since it was next in my Kindle and we were killing time at the hotel

The Ciphers of Muirwood

Shortly after I posted my review for The Banished of Muirwood, I received an email from the publicist letting me know that the second book was up on NetGalley! That’s never happened before, so I immediately went and grabbed it! Absolutely, yes I want to read that second book, slam bam thank you ma’am! Jeff Wheeler’s

Reading as an Experience

When I approach a new book, I often know very little about it. Many have been on my TBR for years–recommendations from acquaintances long forgotten–“Oh, you should read this!” Any one who finds out how much I read has a book for me, so it goes on The List. Bestsellers often end up on there, popular

Fairies: The Myths, Legends, & Lore

I’ve always been fascinated by mythology, and I think that is what most draws me to fantasy. I love the way authors use similar themes throughout to weave these stories that, even though it is fiction…there is this seemingly thread of truth to it all. It is all so familiar, and those “truths” go back

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