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Nikki Dubose: Washed Away

READ WHEN SAFE Trigger Warning:  eating disorders, rape, domestic violence, sexual abuse, addiction, self harm, mental illness, obsessive behavior Washed Away: From Darkness to Light is a memoir that recounts the experiences of model Nikki DuBose as she overcomes a more than seventeen-year battle with abuse, child sexual victimization, eating disorders, psychosis, alcoholism, drugs, depression,

Stop the Stigma

I was discussing mental illness this morning with a dear friend of mine. She too has suffered for a long time–much longer, and much harder than I have. Now that we’ve found each other, we know each other’s moods and trigger points. While we don’t live in the same city, we try to care for

WWW Wednesday 2/24/2016

After being sick last week and thus binge watching a LOT of Netflix, I’ve caught up with myself. Trying to get back in the swing of things, but I’ve definitely hit a bit of a slump, so unfortunately I don’t have a full week of reviews! Back to regularly scheduled programming soon! What are you

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