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Catherine de Medici

Professor, her kind of woman doesn’t belong on any committee. Of course, I shouldn’t tell you this but she advocates dirty books. Dirty books!? Chaucer! Rebelais! BAAAAAALZAC! That’s right, my dear readers. The Music Man was my very first exposure to Balzac, many many years ago. If I have to guess, I’d say I was in

Crimson Peak

WHAT WHAT HIDDLEBUTT!!!! Sorry, fangirling over here… But seriously. Can we talk for a moment just how SWOONWORTHY Tom Hiddleston was in Crimson Peak?!?!?!?! I mean, LOOK AT THIS GUY:   *PICKS SELF UP OFF FLOOR* Phew, ok, sorry. I think I can continue. Besides Hiddle Hotness, it’s hard to know where to start with this movie.

Pop Positivity!

Wait…a bonus post on a Tuesday? What is this madness?! Since it’s #readformentalhealthweek I thought I’d share some extra content to help us through the bad days. Friends of mine from baaaack hooooooome in Iiiiiiiiiindiiiiaaaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaa (sorry, I always get a bit carried away with that) have been putting on this pretty fantastic geek-themed podcast since February 2015. Tony

Eaters of the Dead

Right from the beginning of a Michael Crichton novel, he begins selling untruths. But the way he folds them into his introduction, they seem like an Author’s Note at the start of any other book, laying the real, historical foundation before diving into fiction. The reader can hardly separate his “facts” from reality and is

Hulk: Season One

As much as I read in my childhood, I never read comics. They have always been out of my circle of geekiness. I knew a few boys who read them, and my grandparents (who were huge garage sale shoppers) always had a few Archies in their basement, but that was all I really knew. My

The Martian

I first heard about The Martian about two years ago when a friend of mine downloaded the audiobook. He was raving about it at a party, and it sounded like the nerdiest thing ever. So of course I was intrigued! But…while I love space and science…books about it are not my strongest subject, and it sounded like

Reading as an Experience

When I approach a new book, I often know very little about it. Many have been on my TBR for years–recommendations from acquaintances long forgotten–“Oh, you should read this!” Any one who finds out how much I read has a book for me, so it goes on The List. Bestsellers often end up on there, popular

Movie Adaptation: Dark Places

I haven’t done a movie adaptation in awhile, but I got to see a free pre-screening of Dark PlacesTuesday night, so I felt I owed a review. First things first, before I even get into the meat of it, I want to give a warning to those who need it, because there wasn’t one on-screen:  IF

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