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WWW Wednesday 3/23/2016

  I’m back from vacation and catching up on allllll the reading I need to do. I’ve also taken on a new project, so I’m extra busy. May be an every other day schedule for the next week or two, and then we’ll get rolling again. What are you currently reading? Switched On:  A Memoir

Marked in Flesh

I’m baaaack! Did ya’ll have a good Spring Break? I certainly did. I keep thinking that I didn’t get much reading done at all–but in reality, I read THREE books! They were all just from the same series, so my brain counts them all as one. I mentioned this last week, but I was due

WWW Wednesday 3/9/2016

Sooo…I had two ARCs due yesterday–Until We Are Free, and a new book by Anne Bishop. What I did not realize was that the Anne Bishop book was actually the FOURTH in a series…not the second as I thought. OH NO! I had planned on making that ARC the last review before I took a

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