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The New York Times: Footsteps

A curated collection of the New York Times’ travel column, “Footsteps,” exploring iconic authors’ relationships to landmarks and cities around the world Before Nick Carraway was drawn into Daisy and Gatsby s sparkling, champagne-fueled world in The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald vacationed in the French Riviera, where a small green lighthouse winked at ships

Review: Heads in Beds

Jacob Tomsky never intended to go into the hotel business. As a new college graduate, armed only with a philosophy degree and a singular lack of career direction, he became a valet parker for a large luxury hotel in New Orleans. Yet, rising fast through the ranks, he ended up working in “hospitality” for more

The Golden Chersonese

This is the last “old” book on my Coursera list. I do have one or two more recent ones left, but those are much more fun to read and review. I almost gave this one up–it is written from a very colonial perspective, and at first it came across with a very icky feel to

Food Philosophy

Anyone who follows me on Instagram or Twitter knows I love to eat. Good food, in my book, beats everything. So many memories come out of a good meal. There’s always good conversation–whether you are eating with family, or sitting alone at a pub, talking to a bartender, or fellow beer nerds. Everyone’s got to

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