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Schatz + Stahl: My Rad Life

An inspiring, empowering journal that encourages its owners to think, create, reflect, and explore their own radness.  A companion to the New York Times bestseller Rad American Women A-Z and Rad Women Worldwide, this cool guided journal draws from a number of the “rad” women featured in both books, while also including a diverse range of new women, all of


A few months ago (from what I understand), a popular blogger in the Booklr Community, ladybookmad, came up with the idea to hold a challenge for the month of December called #ReadWomen. Anyone who wanted to participate would read only books authored by women for an entire month. I didn’t hear about it when the

A Lack of Baby Fever

A blog buddy of mine over at Pure Geekery posted yesterday about the battle between those who are childfree and those who are parents. After writing a very long comment in response, I thought I’d write my own post about it. This is something I haven’t yet blogged about here, because it is 1) not

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